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She Will Forever Be Missed





Remembering Janet

This site was created in memory of Janet Seabury Slade Stonecipher. 


Born in San Jose, California

MARCH 2ND, 1947

The saga of the life of Janet Stonecipher opened myriad doors in her explorative journey to understand the world and its mysteries. From flag girl to Raging Granny to Bikram yoga practitioner to chaplain, Janet created her world as she wished it to be – with genuine interest, intellectual stimulation, and infinite love. Throughout her life, she had a natural empathy that guided her various pursuits.

The vignettes that comprise her legacy form the connective fiber of the many threads she wove and contain the fondest and occasionally humorous memories of those who knew her best during different phases of her life.  But it is Janet who knew herself best, her inquiring mind navigating the worlds of religion, politics, and life itself.  And so it is with her own words that we begin, as Janet was, above all else, a master of self -- the author of her own story.


“My spiritual growth has required searching, reflection, discipline, structure, and unfortunately, hardship.  I believe in praying, although it is awkward for me.  Praying is a discipline in humility that I need, and I think good thoughts help.  It is easier when I’m praying for someone else because I can pray to his/her god.  I can’t say if I believe in a god or not, but I do believe there are forces beyond my comprehension.  I believe that miracles occur, as my own herstory documents.  It matters not one whit to me if the miracles are humanly or divinely driven.  I have absolved myself of any obligation to apply logic or explanation to my beliefs and trust that my answers will unfold at the appropriate time.”


Janet was a woman of conviction. The Latin root of the word “conviction” is "convincere", which consists of vincere, to conquer, combined with "con", meaning "with." Janet conquered many of her life battles with courage, intelligence, and wisdom. She succumbed to her final battle with lupus in 2014 with grace, humility, and love.

Her Life


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